Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stormy Harbor

Back with the vaguely poetic titles. Heh. Trying to revive my zombiefied sense of humor.
I'm writing from a McDonald's. Thank God for 24-hour service and free wi-fi. I only have a short time; they don't like loitering.
So I know where I am. I'm still in my state, but I'm several long hours away from my hometown. I'm in a city that my family and I would vacation at all the time during the summer or spring break. Dad always talked about moving up here one day...
I still don't know what happened. I took a nap earlier on a bus I caught, and I saw...things in my dreams. I don't know what, but there was a lot of shouting and me screaming and fire and death and my dad's face...he was crying. I've never seen my dad cry.
Christ...what am I going to dream tonight?
I walked into a bank earlier and checked out the card that was in my wallet. There's about $20,000 in the connected account...which about the same amount as our savings. I'm really freaked out about the implications of this, but at least I'm covered for money. Whoopee.
I don't know where I'll go after I finish this. Probably check into some crappy hotel for the night and keep moving. I want to go back home, but I don't know if I have a home to go back to, and I know...I know it's not safe there. It probably will never be safe there again.
I wonder what's happened to the rest of my family. I could try contacting my brother...
No. He has a family, a wife and kid, and I'm not dragging them into this insanity. I can't go to anyone for help without risking their lives. I don't know who to talk to among the bloggers, as it seems like they have more than their fair share of problems to deal with. No one needs another inexperienced, stupid Runner to worry about.
I haven't noticed anyone following me, for now. Knock on wood.
Bugger, I'm getting dirty looks from the employees. Have to go.

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