Monday, December 27, 2010

Technological Documentation

Hello all,
Good news!  My camera has returned from the technology could in the sky, and I have used it to take awe-inspiring (translation: boring) pictures of the snowy outdoors.  At least these ones aren't all tiny and pixellated.

Woot.  Fear my l33t camera skills.
Also good news:  I have a 3.92 GPA for this semester at college.  Huzzah!
Bad news, though.  I've developed a whacking bad head cold from over-exposure to sickly parental figures, so the rest of winter break may not be as enjoyable as I had hoped.  Also, textbooks for next semester are shaping up to be really bloody expensive.  Seriously, are these things gold-plated or something?
I was planning to write some more to Dawn of Night last night (or very early morning, about 1:00ish), but I got distracted browsing TV Tropes, which is the Internet equivalent of crack.  Seriously.  It's fun, though.  Be prepared to lose hours of your life to learning the diverse meanings of such things as why in cutscenes characters are hyper-competent but completely incapable of any similarly-cool stunts in normal gameplay and the decay of a formally fully competent female character into a whiny blubbery mess over the course of a show.  But don't say I didn't warn you.  Mwahahaha.
Well, can't think of anything more intelligent to write, so I guess I'll try and plug away at Chapter 5 before writer's block kills any semblance of creativity I have.

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