Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sci-Fi Musings

Hello all,
I hope whoever's reading this has had a lovely day.  Today's been very quiet.  I ought to be elsewhere right now, but alas, my parents' flu has precluded traveling anywhere.  I don't think I want to test my ability to navigate unfamiliar highways.  So instead of actually doing anything productive today, the three of us sat around and watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Yes, it is the one with the whales.  The very awesome completely-robotic-and-not-stock-footage-at-all-except-for-a-couple-breaching-scenes whales.
And Bones's low opinion of 20th century medicine.
And "nuclear wessels." (obligatory video clip below)

And Scotty calling keyboards "quaint."
And a rather obsessive cetacean specialist with 80s hair.
Then again, everyone here has bad 80s hair.  How did people move their heads back then?  Oh, fun fact:  the characters run around 1986 San Francisco in their 23rd century outfits with no one questioning this at all.  The reason?  The movie makers had random crew members wander around the city in said outfits for a week, and no one paid them any attention.  Apparently aqua wrap-arounds and bright red navy-style turtlenecks are considered perfectly normal in San Francisco.  Hah.
On the writing front, I have written two whole paragraphs to the next chapter of Dawn of Night.  Go me.  Unfortunately, said two paragraphs are disconnected from what I've already written, so I'll have to do some welding to get everything flowing smoothly.  Wish me luck.

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