Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things That Grow Tentacles

Hello all,
Once again, I am stricken with the curse of update failure (and a general inability to type normally, keep having to go back to fix typos).
Nothing's been happening.  I should be working right now on a Criminal Justice paper, but instead I'm going to babble on about something entirely different.
Slender Man.
Ever heard of him?
He's a humanoid-eldritch abomination thingy that was born on the Internet and has become something of an urban legend on the Tubes.  Started in the Something Awful forums, and now there are blogs and vlogs and all kinds of crazy stuff written by people who are being "stalked by him."  Most of the time, it ends horribly.
So.  It's pretty cool, if terrifying stuff (and very well put together, most of it).  I'm following a couple of the Slender blogs right now and waiting for Marble Hornets to release its next installment (the original Slender vlog, scary stuff in there).  If you want to know more, there's a big article on TV Tropes that's all about him and the stories associated with him.
And before anyone gets the idea, no, this is not going to turn in a Slender Man blog.  I'm not cut out for writing horror.  Happy swords-and-sorcery is more up my alley.

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