Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Absurdist Ramblings

Hello all,
I'm going to bed soon (hah, what a joke, I'll probably be up for a while longer wasting time), but before I attempt to hang out with Morpheus, I thought I'd share a Creative Writing assignment with you.
The homework was to read a chapter on voice in writing and then pick one of the challenges in the chapter.  I selected "an ode to something trivial or silly."  And so...
Ode to Macbook 
Oh, beautiful Macbook 
How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways
Thy pearly white exterior 
Of purity and perfect form
Thy wondrous magnetized power cable 
That will protect thee from falling 
When some foolish Microsoft devotee 
Deliberately trips over the dangling cord
Thy 13-inch screen, untouched by time 
The dust would dare not settle on it
Thy keyboard is elegant in shape 
Functional in every way
How could I live if not for the blessed touchpad 
That serves to enlighten me 
As I scroll through the latest soul-searching 
YouTube video of frolicking kittens?
Thy shield against computer plague 
For who would dare stand 
Against the firewall of a mighty Mac?
Dear Macbook, thou art the ideal 
Amongst all the other laptops 
But I do have one small request 
Couldst thou learn the ways 
Of the gaming computer?
Yeah.  I had way too much fun with that.

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